Labbaik Bhakkar Helplines

Labbaik Bhakkar 0800-15050

The Labbaik Bhakkar helpline is a single window IT enabled, facility of Distt.  Government Bhakkar that makes citizens and Government to interact effectively. Envisaged as a Government to Citizen (G2C) interface, the Help line will ensure the quick delivery of critical information, which is otherwise either inaccessible or difficult for the citizens to trace. The relevance of a Government/Public Help line is more important in the context of increased focus on e-Governance and with the implementation of the Right to Information Act for providing information to the citizens in a user-friendly manner.

This Integrated “Labbaik Bhakkar Toll free Helpline“that was made  informally operational on 25-03-2017, works on all calendar days except national holidays, 24 x 7. The Help line infrastructure located at PITB Lahore will provide, information and complaint registry services for the benefit of the common citizen with respect to selected Government services.

Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage & Divorce Certificates, Domicile Certificate, LRMIS, Issuance of Agriloan Schemes, Character Certificate, Family Planning Services, Financial Assistance, Special Person, Price Control Essential Commodities, Employment Opportunities, Health & Education

The Helpline is available at 0800-15050 and is accessible from anywhere in the Punjab (Pakistan) free from PTCL and  local call rates through cell phones. A tentative framework, is proposed  with an aim to show possible links between caller, PITB Lahore infrastructure and relevant. The User can dial the Toll Free Number (0800-15050), the agent will properly guide the user about the process, fee and  what different documents will be required? These calls are being answered by a team of Help line agents, who are highly experienced and skilled professionals.

Public Representatives of Bhakkar

Muhammad Zafar Ullah Khan Dhandla


Tenure: Mar, 2012 – Mar, 2018
Province:  Punjab
Party: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N)
Seat Type: General
Oath Taking Date: 12-03-2012Phone: 0453-511999, 512999
Cell: 0300-7780812, 0333-6845511
Address: Dhandla House, Bakkar
Official Address: C-401, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad

Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Dhandla

 Father’s Name:Mahmood Khan
Permanent Address: Moza Hamoon Wala Basti Mithoo Tehsil Bhakkar
Local Address: 301-E, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Contact Number: 0300-7789595
Province: Punjab
Constituency: NA-74(Bhakkar-II)
Party: PML(N)
Oath Taking Date:     01-06-2013

Abdul Majeed Khan

Father’s Name:  Hameed Ullaha Khan
Permanent Address:  Muhala Khanan Khail Jandan Wala Tehsil Kallurkot Distt. Bhakkar
Local Address: 208-C, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Contact: 0300-7789678
Province: Punjab
Constituency: NA-73(Bhakkar-I)
Party: PML(N)Oath Taking Date: 01-06-2013

Ahmad Nawaz Khan Niwani

Father’s Name:  Hameed Akber Khan Nawani
Chairman: District Council Bhakkar
Address: Nawani House Bhakkar
Contact Number: 0333-4611123,0345-7982308
Party: Azad
Oath Taking Ceremony: 02-01-2017

Amir Inayat Khan Shahani

Constituency: PP-50 (Bhakkar-IV)
Academic Qualifications: BA
Profession(s): Agriculturist
Party: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Father’s/Husband’s Name: Inayat Ullah Khan Shahani
Date of Birth: 1983-12-01
Place of Birth: Bhakkar
Permanent Contact: Shahani House, Behal Road Bhakkar
Phone: 0453-514514, 0333-4341716

Ghazanfar Abbas Chheena


Constituency: PP-49 (Bhakkar-III)
Position(s) Held: Member: Local Government & Community Development
Academic Qualifications: MA &L.L.B

ssion(s):    Agriculturist
Party: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Father’s/Husband’s Name: Malik Sharaf Shair
Date of Birth: 15-12-1962
Place of Birth: Hayderabad Thall
Permanent Contact: Hayderabad Thall, Tehsil: Mankera, Distt: Bhakar
Phone: 0333-6840999, 0345-6840999

Ameer Muhammad Khan

Constituency: PP-47 (Bhakkar-I)

sition(s) Held: Member: Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering
Academic Qualifications: BA
Profession(s): Agriculturist
Party: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Father’s/Husband’s Name: Aziz Ahmad Khan
Date of Birth: 17-11-17972
Place of Birth: Bhakkar
Permanent Contact: Hassan Khan Wala, Tehsil Kaloor Kot, District Bhakkar
Phone:045-3451333 (Off), 045-3451666 (Fax), 0300-7789898

Inamullah Khan Niazi


Constituency: PP-48 (Bhakkar-II)

on(s) Held: Member: Mines and Minerals , Transport
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Architect : National College of Arts
Profession(s):  Landlord
Party: Independent
Father’s/Husband’s Name: Zafar Ullah Khan Niazi
Date of Birth: 09-10-1955 Place of Birth: Mianwali

Important Personalities of District Bhakkar

Syed Wazarat Hussain Naqvi

Syed Wazarat Hussain Naqvi was member of All India Muslim League when he was studying and accompanied with Founder of Pakistan  “Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah” and Nawabzadah liaqat Ali Khan. He was a lawyer by profession and member of civil society. His services as a  symbol for peace in District Bhakkar will be remembered ever.


Prof. Dr. Farooq Ahmad

Professor of Mathematics, PhD in “Ostrowski Type Inequalities”,  M. Phil “Fluid Mechanics Heat and Mass transfer, Optimization”. More interest in Iterative Methods for solving nonlinear equations. Vice Principal, Govt. Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore Formerly: Dean of Sciences, Govt. Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore Formerly, Researcher: Mathematics Department, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia Formerly, Associate Professor of Mathematics, College of Science, Majmaah University,  Al-Zulfi, KSA Occupational Training for Research & Teaching at School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Victoria University, Foots Cray Park Campus, Foots Cray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (from 01-06-2007 to 10-10-2007).


Shakeeb Jalali

Shakeeb Jalali (October 1, 1934 – November 12, 1966) was a Pakistani Urdu poet.Shakeb Jalali’s real name was Syed Hassan Rizvi. His ancestors were from a small town, Saddat Jalali, near Aligarh, India. His life as a poet began in 1947 (when he was only 15 years old). His poetry work was published after his death: Rooshni Ay Rooshni in 1972 by Maktaba-e-Fanoon and several additions by Mavara Publications and Kuliyat e Shakeb Jalali in 2004 by Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore.
Famous Poems in Urdu

  • “kam-tar na jaane”
  • “gale mila na kabhi”
  • “Jahan talk bhee yeh sehra dekhai data hai”
  • “murjha gai kali jheel main”
  • “aa kay pather jo mara sehan main”
  • “utrain ajab roshniyan raat khawab main”
  • “woo samnay tha pher bhee kahan samna hova”
  • “main shaakh say urra tha sitaroon ki aas main”
  • “kinaray aab khara khud say kah raha ha koi”
  • “yadain hain apna dil ki ahla safar kay sath”

Asad Jafri

Asad Jafri (full name, Asghar Ali Asad Jafri, اصغر علی اسد جعفری, born on 3 June in 1935) is an educationist and poet (Urdu poetry) from Bhakkar in Punjab, Pakistan. He has written three books on serious and humorous poetry. Two books’ titles are “Khanda Navazi” and “Tera hansna qayamat hay”. He has written non-humorous poetry as well. His compilation of such verses has been published under the title “Qindeel-e-Jaan”. Asad Jafri has been writing several satirical quartettes in various Urdu newspapers in Pakistan on social and political subjects.


Zubaida Rizvi

Zubaida Rizvi, being a social worker established first private english school in Bhakkar and was member of District Council Mianwali, recipient of Tamgha-e-Khidmat 1970.  Remained life member of Municipal Committee Bhakkar, Zilai Teleemi Committee, Distt. Crimes Control Committee, Aman Committee and Social Welfare Committee. She is General Secretary of Ladies Health & Fitnes Club Bhakkar.  She also awarded Shield and Sanad as a Social Worker from Minister of Social Work, Government of Punjab.


Younis Kamal Lodhi (Late)

He had lineage to the most prominent family of Lodhi Pathan. He migrated from Shah Abad District Karnaal Eastern Punjab and settled in District Mianwali.He was a trained member of self sacrificing International Scouts.  He remained a bright Student of Murray college, where he was selected as the president of Students Union of Blue House. He had an ardent desire to infuse new Islamic vision itno nation through the movement of Scouts.He had the honour of being long life member of Gold of Old Scouts.  He won the prestige to harmonize the tune of ntionla anthem in 1954. He was shifted to Bhakkar after being affected due to construction of Chashma Barrage. He remained highly active in many institutions of Social Welfare. He also performed honoury sevices Civil Defence and Scout organiztions for the well being of the nation. He was the author of the well recognized books” Pakistani Quami Parcham aur Tarana”,”Quiad e Azam aur Therekh Scouts” and “Quiad e Azam ki  Shaksiyat”

Important Places of District Bhakkar

Menkera Fort

Mankera fort is located about half a kilometre from Mankera on the the Bhakkar highway. This fort was built in two phases. The initial construction of the brick fort was carried out during the time of the Baloch rule, and further fortification in the form of a thick mud wall was undertaken during the Pathan rule. Today the fort and its fortification are mostly in ruins. The major part of the mud wall still exists, however decay and neglect is abundantly clear. The main fort is mostly in ruins except for a well, a tomb, and a few signs of masonry. The outer walls of the citadel are however intact.

Dilkusha Bagh

Dilkusha Bagh is believed by some to be a Mughal garden built by Humayun, but historical facts do not verify it. Humayun never visited the area, on his retreat to Iran, he went to another place called Bakhar (in Sindh) to seek help from Mahmood Khan, which was however denied by historian Henry Raverty. This garden is ruined now and no signs of history are present, only stories about the garden can be heard around.

Temple of lions

The temple was built in 1945.The two lions which were on the door of Temple of lion in muhalla Malikan wala Bhakkar. These lions had diamond in eyes before 1947 and were destroyed. Now these lions are not there.


Bhakkar is yet another destination of Punjab that lies on the left bank of River Indus District. The city of Bhakkar weather also features a desert like climate, with almost no rainfall. The average temperature remains 24.6 °C. The recorded average rainfall in a year is 213 mm. The driest month recorded in Bhakkar is November with 2 mm of rainfall. Meanwhile in July, the precipitation reaches its peak, with an average rainfall of 57 mm.

Average Rainfall in District Bhakkar.

Sr. No. Name of Month 1991 to 1995 % 1996 to 2000 % From1991 to 2000 %
1 January 45 34 39.5%
2 February 37 23 30%
3 March 34 37 35.5%
4 April 52 19 35.5%

Natural Resources of District Bhakkar

Natural Resources



The mighty Indus River flows on the Western side of the District which plays havoc during monsoon season and the Jhelum and  Chenab rivers both flow on the eastern side. They also sometimes play havoc during monsoon season. One third of the land is sandy of which small portion is irrigated by Thal canal. Rest of the sandy land is cultivated and is entirely dependent upon rains. People mostly depend on agriculture which is highly dependent on rain falls.

Thal Desert

The Thal desert is situated in Punjab, Pakistan. The vast expanse is located between the Jhelum and Sindh rivers near the Pothohar Plateau, with a total length from north to south 190 miles, and a maximum breadth of 70 miles (110 km) and minimum breadth 20 miles. The desert covers the districts of Bhakkar, Khushab, Mianwali, Layyah, Muzaffargarh as well as Jhang, from the left bank of the river Jhelum. Geographically, it resembles the deserts of Cholistan and Thar.


Bhakkar Forest Division came into being under Thal Development Authority (TDA) in the year, 1952. When the development of Thal tract started, government decided to allocate waste land for afforestation in order to stabilize shifting sand dunes and for the production of timber and firewood. In 1951, this tract was handed over to Punjab Forest Department.The forest area is around 15531 acres. There is also linear plantation of 1345 km alongside the road/rails/canals in the district. The popular trees of this area are kikar and shisham.


Wild Life

Distt. Bhakkar has four types of habitat, dimensional type of biodiversity main wild life of Grey Patridge, Black Patridege, Dive, Common Myna, Common Bobbler, Bulbul, Indian Robin,Wood Pecker, Migratory birds included Houbara Bustard, Quills water fowls and Prey birds also visit in this areas.

Bhakkar has four types of habitat:

  • Riverian Area
  • Thal Area
  • Irrigated Forest Plantation
  • Agriculture Land

District Bhakkar Profile

District Profile

Enlisted below are the basic briefs about the district:

Tehsils 04
Union Councils 64
Total Area 8,153 Sq Km
Muncipal Committees 06
Live Stocks 1,959,808*
Major Occupations Farming, Civil, Armed Services, Overseas
Literacy  55%**

Land  Statistics

Enlisted below are the land statistics for the district taken from Punjab Development Statistics 2013:
Type Area (In Thousand Hectares)
Cultivated Area 813
Un-Cultivated Area 78
Forest 26
Cultureable Waste 19
Not available for cultivation 33


Enlisted below is the population statistics taken from the Bureau of Statistics, Punjab. (Source Punjab Development Statistics, 2016)
Estimated Population of Bhakkar District as on 31-12-2016
Bhakkar 6,03,000
Darya Khan 3,30,000
Mankera 2,40,000
Kallur Kot 3,10,000
Total 14,83,000

Educational Institutions


There is only University of Sargodha available in the district.


Male Female Commerce Total
Bhakkar 2 3 1 6
Darya Khan 2 2 1 5
Mankera 1 1 1 3
Kallur Kot 2 2 1 5
Total 7 8 4 19



Higher Secondary























Darya Khan










Kallur Kot




















Sub Total










G. Total








Electoral  Constituencies

National 02 (NA – 73 & 74)
Provincial 04 ( PP – 47,48,49 & 50)

Police Stations

Police Stations 11
Police Check Post 03
Riverine Post 03
Police Post 07
For more detail  click here


DHQ Hospitals 01
THQ Hospitals 03
RHCs 05
BHUs 40
Govt. Rural Dispensaries 25
MCH Centre 02
Sub Health Center 13
  Total 79

Civil Courts

All tehsils of Bhakkar have one civil court each.


Sr. No Name: Address:
1. Afzal Khan Trolley Maker Afzal Khan Trolley Maker, Pull sheikh rao Dajal road Bhakkar
2. Awais Ice Factory Awais Ice Factory,Darya Khan road Bhakkar
3. Awias Industries (PVT) LTD Awias Industries (PVT) LTD, Gaddola Darya Khan road Bhakkar
4. Bhakkar Flour Mill Bhakkar Flour Mill, 5-KM Jhang road Bhakkar
5. FECTO Sugar Mills FECTO Sugar Mills LTD Darya Khan, Distt Bhakkar
6. Friends Ginning & Oil Mills Friends Ginning & Oil Mills, Bhakkar road Darya Khan
7. Ghulam Rasool Engineering Works Ghulam Rasool Engineering Works, Sarye Mohajar, Bhakkar road Bhakkar
8. Hamza Oil Mill Hamza Oil Mill, 3 KM, Jhang road Bhakkar
9. Ikram Mughal Zari Industry Ikram Mughal Zari Industry, Near Telephone exchange Distt.Bhakkar
10. Javeed Machinery Store Javeed Machinery Store,Pull sheikh rao Distt.Bhakkar
11. Madina Bricks Company Madina Bricks Company, Dajal road Bhakkar
12. Madina Cotton Factory & Makki Oil Mill Madina Cotton Factory & Makki Oil Mill, 5 KM , Mehboob Nagar, Jhang road Bhakkar
13. Makka Cotton Mills Makka Cotton Mills, 3 KM, Jhang road Bhakkar.
14. Mehboob Aslam Engineering & Repair shop Adda Jahan khan, Bhakkar road Bhakkar
15. Mughal Abdur Rehman Agro Industries Mughal Abdur Rehman Agro Industries,Pull sheikh rao Distt.Bhakkar
16. Mughal Workshop Mughal Workshop, Behal road Old shop, Distt Bhakkar
17. Nawaz Flour and General Mills 34 TDA , Jhang road Nawaz Flour and General Mills 34 TDA , Jhang road,Bhakkar
18. Rahim Bricks & Research Centre Rahim Bricks & Research Centre, Gadola road Bhakkar


Tehsils of District Bhakkar

ضلع بھکر کی تحصیلیں

تحصیل بھکر

بھکر شہر ضلع کی چار تحصیلوں میں سے ایک تحصیل بھکر کا انتظامی مرکز ہے۔ بھکر تحصیل کو 17 یونین کونسل میں تقسیم کیا گیا ہے، جن میں سے تین کا تعلق بھکر شہر سے ہے۔

دریا خان

تحصیل دریا خان ضلع بھکر، پنجاب، پاکستان کی چار تحصیلوں میں سے ایک تحصیل ہے۔ اس تحصیل کا صدر مقام دریا خان ہے اور اس میں 12 یونین کونسلیں ہیں

کلور کوٹ

تحصیل کلورکوٹ ضلع بھکر، پنجاب، پاکستان کی چار تحصیلوں میں سے ایک تحصیل ہے اس تحصیل کا صدر مقام کلورکوٹ ہے اور اس میں 8 یونین کونسلیں ہیں۔

تحصیل منکیرہ ضلع بھکر، پنجاب، پاکستان کی چار تحصیلوں میں سے ایک تحصیل ہے اس تحصیل کا صدر مقام منکیرہ ہے اور اس میں 7 یونین کونسلیں ہیں۔

About District Bhakkar

ضلع بھکر،پنجاب،پاکستان کا بنیادی شہر ہے۔ یہ دریائے سندھ کےبائیں کنارے پر واقع ھے۔ اس کی آبادی 300,000 کے قریب ھے۔ اس کو ضلع کا درجہ 1981 میں دیا گیا۔ بھکر شہر ضلع کی چار تحصیلوں میں سے ایک تحصیل بھکر کا انتظامی مرکز ہے۔ بھکر تحصیل کو 17 یونین کونسل میں تقسیم کیا گیا ہے، جن میں سے تین کا تعلق بھکر شہر سے ہے۔ بھکر جغرافیاءی اعتبار سے صحراۓ تھل مین واقع ھے.

بھکر کی زیادہ تر آبادی اجرتی مزدوری اور زراعت سے منسلک ہے. معاشی اعتبار سے بھکر ایک پسماندہ ضلع تسور کیا جاتا ہے جسکی بڑی وجوھات مرکز سے دوری، کمزور مواصلاتی نظام، پیشہ ورانہ افرادی قوت کا فقدان، نااہل قیادت،تعلیم کے حصول مین مشکلات اور بےروزگاری ہے. اسکے باوجود بھکر صوبہ پنجاب مین قابل ذکر اجناس کی پیداوار کیوجہ سے مشہور ہے جن مین چنا، گندم، گنا اور کرنے کا تیل ہیں.

بھکر کا محل وقوع : 31.633 درجے شمال، 71.067 درجے مشرق